Purpose: The purpose of the WCWGA Member-Member tournament is to provide a format for members to team up and have a little fun during the dog days of summer in Florida


Format: The game is a best ball of the twosome. Each player receives their full handicap up to a maximum of 21 which is consistent with WCWGA bylaws. The maximum handicap differential for a team is 8. If the differential is more, the “B” player’s handicap will be adjusted accordingly. The field is flighted based on the number of players. Typically, there are 10-12 teams per flight.


Purse:  An engraved gift selected by the WCWGA secretary is the prize for the overall net winners. There is also an optional “Players Pool”. Teams who participate in the pool (cost is currently $20) are eligible to win the proceeds.


Door Prizes:  The tournament chairs collect rounds of golf from all of the reps to use as door prizes. Door prizes are given to those whose names are randomly pulled from a container.


Tournament Chairs: The tournament is chaired by the outgoing President and the current 2nd Vice President.


Player’s Pool:  The pool (within each flight) is funded by the participants. Keep in mind that not everyone chooses to participate. Whatever money is collected for the flight is paid out as follows; 50% to 1st place, 30% to 2nd place and 20 % to 3rd place. Example:  There are 10 teams in a particular flight and everyone participates. The pool is $200. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place receive $100, $60 and $40 respectively.