River Wilderness Results

We had a nice event at River Wilderness and a special thanks to Carol Paprocki, Dianne Roberts and Nola Raitz for coordinating the event.  We had 20 players including 5 guests that braved the Florida heat.  

A special welcome to guests:  Patty Slaton, Sue Kolczak, Cathy Tintera, Debbie Arfman and Louise Matthews.

AND we had all foursomes playing in under 4 hours with four groups under 3 hours and 40 minutes. (heat apparently is a motivator 😊).

River Wilderness has a very nice layout, some generous fairways and a couple tricky holes that make you use course management.   They served a nice lunch of a selection of summer salads and sandwiches.  

On Course Games were Chip Ins and Water Balls (ample opportunities).

We had one player with a chip in – Kathy Freeland

And a bunch of us had water balls 😊:  Sue Kolczak, Cathy Tintura, Becky Miles, Kooky Lucas, Patty Slaton, Kathy Freeland, Leslie Roberts and Angie Sparks.

Our Flight winners were:

AA Flight Winners:

1st:  Connie Thompkins:  Gross 87/net 79

A Flight Winners:

1st: Debbie Marx – 92

2nd:  Kathy Freeland – 95

B Flight Winners:

1st:  Dianne Roberts – 86

2nd:  Becky Miles – 91

3rd :  Karlene Trosper  – 93

Flight C Winners:

1st Tie:  Carol Paprocki -94 & Patty Slaton – 94

Flight D Winner:

1st:  Marian Wolfe – 95


1st:  Louise Matthews – net 77

2nd:  Cathy Tintera – net 78

Closest to the Pin Winners:

#7 – Connie Thompkins 7’ 6” (and made the birdie!)

#17 – Marian Wolfe – 4’ 10 (first hole of the day!)