Mother Lassing Winners

Her name was Mary Brady Lassing.  They called her Mae.  She started playing golf in 1921 at the Jungle Country Club which became Jungle Country Club Hotel in1925,  The hotel was financed by her husband J. M. Lassing and was said to be the “million-dollar rendezvous for the socially elite.”  The hotel has a storied history and eventually closed in 1944 when it was transferred to what is now the Admiral Farragut Academy located near Central Avenue and Park Street in St. Petersburg.  It is also noted that much of the land of Lassing Park was donated by J. M. Lassing.

Mae was known as the “first lady of golf” in her era.  She dearly loved the game.  She had 3 sons, Bob, Warren, and John.  They all loved to play golf.  She played until 2 weeks before she passed away in February 1953 at the age of 78.

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