(September 10, 2012)

Membership directory

The “Membership” in our website has been updated. Please go into the alphabetical list and the list by clubs, and check your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. You will need a user name and a password to get into the “Membership” pages. If you do not know it, contact your rep.
If any corrections are needed, please explain it in an email. Send the email to your rep and our 1st VP.

Club Directions

We have added a mapping feature to member clubs on the website. This new feature assists you in obtaining directions and estimated times for travel to the club you will currently be playing. To use this feature simply login to the West Coast website at www.wcwga.com and “click” on the “Member Clubs” tab at the top of the page. This will bring you to the current listing of all the clubs in West Coast. “Click” on the address of the club and it will forward you to the mapping program. On the right side of the page under “Get Directions” “click” on “to here”, it now forwards you to a page where you will type in your address and then “click” the “Get Directions” tab. This forwards you another page where on the right side under the heading of “Route” you will “click” on “turn-by-turn” directions. This produces a detailed map which gives you the total distance and estimated time to travel along with step by step directions to the club.

Attendance Recordkeeping

It is important for the Representatives to maintain attendance recordkeeping. You are asked to maintain a listing of all your members along with the number of times that they have played during the year. For the benefit of the new Representatives, the reason is that during the year at certain tournaments (e.g. Mother Lassing, Brassies Challenge and West Coast Championship) we have more than a full field, which generates a waiting list. It is at that time that we give the opportunity to play to the member that has supported West Coast, which is determined by the
number of play dates. We also maintain play dates at the Board level. We maintain attendance records from the “Scoring Sheets” at each tournament.

Brassies Trophy

The Brassies trophy is displayed at the Mother Lassing, the West Coast Championship and the Brassies Challenge. If anyone would like to display the trophy at their home club, please contact the President.

Tournament Signup

As a West Coast Representative, you no doubt are aware of the time and effort that it takes to put on a tournament. Please make an effort to respond to the club hosting the event in the designated timeframe,. Also, please make every effort to email all of your players for your club.