Guidelines for Club Representatives

(Note: check website for whom to contact for positions named below)


Promote the goals of the WCWGA. Encourage participation and membership from your club members.

West Coast appreciates and depends on your efforts in helping to support our Member Club events and your fellow Club Reps. Participation in events is critical to the success of our organization.  There are twelve events each year including the Match Play in March, a Couples event in January and two 2-day events, the Mother Lassing Tournament and the West Coast Championship.  Our 2nd Vice President is in charge of scheduling events. Please contact her each year in March- April if you know of any tournaments scheduled in the upcoming year, to help avoid any conflict in scheduling if possible.

MEMBERSHIP: A new member must have a USGA Handicap Index of 16.6 or less for one month prior to applying for membership. The Representative fills out the application form (supply attached), collects $50 payable to WCWGA for the first year’s dues and mails both to the Treasurer. Once received, the Treasurer passes all information to 1st Vice President, who will update member list on website and welcome new member.

A renewing member (must have been a member in the prior season) must have a USGA Handicap Index of 21 or less for one month prior to renewing.  Once a member pays her annual dues, she will remain eligible for the year’s play and will be held to the maximum 21 handicap for tournaments.

The current membership is available on our Website, Our First Vice President maintains the membership data base.  You may contact her with any changes during the season.

WEBSITE: WCWGA has a website ( where information is provided for our members. There is general information on home page with various headings.  There also is a members only section for more sensitive information, e.g., list of members, etc.  The clubs reps of each club will be given the userid and password to distribute to her club’s members.

PARTICIPATION: Each of you has your own method for your members to sign up.   To help you with your general duties there is a separate file of Marketing Information to post in your locker room which tells about West Coast and includes a list of Member Clubs. An Attendance Sheet that you might find helpful is also in a separate file attachment.

Please contact our Sunshine Chairperson with member news where a card from WCWGA would be appropriate. (e-mail: ( or  phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx)

In the fall of each year, our Second Vice President will be in touch with you regarding the schedule for the coming year.

In February, the renewal process for next year will begin. When the renewal instructions are e-mailed to you, update your list of renewing members with current information regarding address, phone number, etc. and e-mail back as directed.  You will need to collect dues, $45 dues from each returning member and $50 for any new members. Send one check payable to WCWGA to the Treasurer.

Please remind your members of the following:

  1. West Coast Pace of Play Policy: If there is a hole open in front of you, please split into twosomes and continue play until the space is eliminated.
  1. Cancellation Policy: If a player cancels less than 48 hours before an event, she will be charged the greater of $20 or the price of the lunch.  The member will not be allowed to play until the fee is paid.