Representative Duties


September 19, 2022


You will receive a reminder for each event as soon as the information is available.

E-mail the Host Club Representative at least 7 days prior to the tournament date.

  • Don’t leave your fellow representative wondering. Please e-mail even if no players are attending!
  • Provide the names, USGA Handicap Indexes for each participant.
  • Most representatives are happy to receive an e-mail notice earlier if possible.

Try to encourage participation with a phone call or two. Keep in mind the host club is closed to its members in order to host our tournament. Let’s show our support.

Ask your players who are not paying by check to have cash close to the amount for the tournament as most clubs are not able to change large bills. Remind your members of the West Coast Pace of Play Policy (It really works!).


  1.  Make arrangements with your Pro and Dining Room Manager.
    Try to keep the cost of play, tips and lunch as low as possible.  If this means eliminating breakfast, then do so and let the Representatives know. All clubs have agreed not to charge greens fees, and a light lunch is preferred. Arrange for tables of four or eight, with appropriate hole markers on the tables.  Also, request a scoring table and podium with a microphone. The President or another WCWGA officer will provide the scoring sheets used for assigning points according to 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  2. Compile a list for your event.
    At least 7 days prior to your event you should receive an e-mail from each club rep with a list of players, USGA handicap indexes and attendance figures.  Use the USGA handicap indexes to assign a course handicap for each player. In the interest of keeping up a good pace of play, the number of players should be limited to 100. In the case your event attracts more than 100 players, use the number of play dates to limit the field.
  3.  Pairings.  
    Foursomes are arranged by handicap into AA, A, B, C, D.  If possible, do not have members from the same club in a foursome. Also, try to prevent repetition of pairings by using the pairings sheet from the previous event.  It is a courtesy to the President, or her representative, to have her start on the first tee and play with the Club Representative.
  4.  Arrange for a check-in table and personnel to collect the day’s fee in cash or check.  
    Pairing sheets, with each player’s  handicap, should be posted at the check-in table and other convenient locations. The list of players and course handicaps should be prominently displayed prior to play, so that she can determine her flight.  This is particularly important if for posting scores and if there will be Closest to the Pin prizes by flight. Flights are as follows: AA0-9, A 10-11-12, B 13-14-15, C 16-17-18, D 19-21.
  5.  Closest to the Pin.
    West Coast does not award Closest to the Pin prizes unless the Pro or Representative donates the prizes.
  6. Guest Day Procedure:
    The schedule will designate which dates are a Guest Day at any time during the year. The main purpose of a Guest Day is to promote the WCWGA to prospective members, so handicaps should close to handicap range of WCWGA players. The number of guests that each member can invite is capped at three per member per event.  It is expected that the member will play with her guest(s).  The flight that the member and guest(s) are placed in can be coordinated with the representative from the host club and the member bringing the guest(s). Guests should be charged an additional $5 when checking in at the tournament.  The host club representative has the responsibility of collecting the additional cost and returning the money collected from the guests to the WCWGA Treasurer.
  7. Cancellations without charge should be accepted up to 48 hours prior to play.
    Late cancellations are charged $20 or the cost of the lunch (whichever is more), and the member WILL NOTbe allowed to play until the fee is paid.  Please provide a list of late cancellations for the Treasurer, on your tournament day, so she may make arrangements to collect the late charge. Keep in mind that a late charge discourages last minute changes to the pairings.
  8. Prepare the Tournament Director’s Information Sheet (following) for the President or Presiding Officer listing all those who should be recognized, i.e. Head Pro, Chef, Manager, Greens Superintendent, etc. (form follows).

Please provide the President or her representative with a pairings list of the players for your event and their handicaps.

If possible, please forward your pairings list to the Host Rep of the next event to help her make her pairings list.

We really appreciate all that you, our representatives, do to keep West Coast running smoothly.  If you have any suggestions to make this organization even better, please let me know.

Thank you,