Annual Meeting April 25, 2016



Becky Miles, President of WWCGA called the annual  meeting to order

at Laurel Oak Country Club,April 25, 2016.

Kathleen  Jones motioned to  skip the secretary’s report.

Pat Rogers, Treasurer  said 8,778.00 from Membership dues  and

6,300.00 dollars in budget.

Becky Miles said West Coast numbers were low.She looked back

and averaged 158 have played  3 times or less. We also lost some

golf courses. She said she’ll do whatever it takes to get members

to play. So if their are any ideas to let her know., as they did raise

the stay in index to 21 and 16.6 index to qualify .But did not want

to go any lower.

Becky Miles gave out cellphone holders to the members with

the most play dates.

The meeting was adjourned and seconded by Becky Romich.


Nola Raitz