Representative Meeting 08/24/11


Club Representatives Meeting

August 24, 2011

Feather Sound Country Club


Potential scheduling Conflicts for 2012 – 2013

Dates for the Lone Palm invitational, Hollins Creek,
Transitions tournament at Innisbrook, Doe day at Buckhorn will be given to Becky Milles

      Pros and Cons of afternoon vs. morning events

Becky Milles will look into hosting more afternoon events for the next season


Potential to have a match with the Orlando East Coast Organization

Jane Racila will follow up with the information

WCWGA sponsored trips

Sounds like a great idea, if there are opportunities please send the information to Mary Ann Neary and we will utilize the bulletin board on our website.

Need a volunteer to work on our website.

Additional WCWGA tournament

Mary Ann Neary and Cathy Conway will look into a “Kodak style” tournament.  This will consist of a total 18 hole tournament played on various courses throughout the season.  One can enter at the beginning of the season and the one with the best score at the end of the season is a winner.  Details will be worked out by Mary Ann and Cathy.

Other formats will be considered at various events… i.e., 4 ball, quota points etc.

Raising the index for new members

It was decided that we will leave the handicap index requirement where it is for now.

Slow Play – splitting up

Mary Ann will send out a slow play reminder to all representatives to be distributed to their members.

We need to reinforce splitting into twos, when a group is out of position.


1.    Negotiating event costs :  please try to do your best in negotiating the cost of play and lunch

2.    Golf course conditions and attendance:  Lets be mindful of our course conditions, it will affect our attendance.  Temple Terrace asked to postpone their play date due to their green’s conditions.  Will try to host WCWGA after September.  Becky will work with the Jane Racila to reschedule.

3.    Filling the field with club members:  We will do our best to fill the field, but if the course is willing to host with a small field we will continue to have 2 matches per month