Bayou Club Results

We played the Bayou Club August 15th with a smaller group – but the weather was cooler, overcast, the rain held off and it was very comfortable for Florida in August!

We had two special guests today – past Presidents Mary Ann Neary (2011 – 2013) and Jenni Marshall (2013 – 2015) joining past President Becky Miles (2015 – 2017).

Mary Ann is doing great – spending time in Savannah and Florida – out on her boat with a special guy.  Jenni is looking wonderful as always – busy with her business and spending more time with children and grands!

We welcomed guests:  Pam Ostrander with Lisa Stillwell and Cathy Tintera with Becky Miles.

Our Flight Winners that won 4 points and Ball markers were:


Mary Ann Neary, Dianne Roberts, Jeanine Martin, Karen Sergison, Lisa Hartley, Karlene Trosper


AA:  Karen Sergison Gross 75/net 69 – Great playing!

A:  Lisa Hartley – 92

B:  Jeanine Martin – 89

C:  1st: Karlene Trosper, 2nd: Beatriz Niemeyer, 3rd Bridget Gruman

D:  1st:  Dianne Roberts, 2nd: Nan Habjan, 3rd: Nola Raitz

Guests:  1st Gross:  Pam Ostrander 88; 1st Net:  Mary Ann Neary Net 76


With the smaller field we played some extra games – Best Combined Net of the Threesome:

Team winners net scores were:

1st : Margie Irwin, Nan Habjam and Nola Raitz – Net 231

2nd: Karlene Trosper, Beatrize Niemeyer and Kooky Lucas – Net 232

3rd:  Pam Ostrander, Lisa Stillwell and Donna Nettestad – Net 235


Closets to the Pins won a sleeve of balls:

#3: AA-A-B:  Lisa Hartley

#5:  AA-A-B:  Leslie Roberts – 8’ 1”

#15: C-D:  Karlene Trosper – 3’ 1” and made the putt!

#16: C-D:  Nola Raita – 9’ 6”

#15: Guests: Mary Ann Neary 16’

#16: Guests: No one


We had Chip ins with Chips A Hoy from:

Sam Paice and Margie Irvin!


We also had a lot of water balls ☹ that got Goldfish:

Donna Nettestad

Pam Ostrander

Jenni Marshall

Connie Thompkins

Sam Paice

Mary Ann Neary

Margie Irvin

Becky Miles

Cathy Tintera

Nola Raitz

Thank all of you for playing.  For all of you up north – enjoy the cool weather we look forward to having you join us for a great fall season.

Next play date is River Hills – September 15th 9:30 Shotgun – Guest Day $47 Box lunch w/ $52 Guests.

Leslie Roberts